Thank You Ma Am Essay

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She was born in 1928 in the city of Baltimore and was an African-American writer and critic.

” The settings in both stories are similar, but have some differences.

Also both stories are written with the same kind of language.

An example of this is words like "M' am", "No' m", and "Yes' m" from Thank You, M' am and words like "I' se" "a-climbin' ", and "aint" from Mother to Son.

The short story "Thank You, Ma'am" and the poem "Mother to Son", both by Langston Hughes are similar yet differ in many ways.

In the following paragraphs I will explain the similarities and the differences.

This is simply not enough; basic comprehension is no longer our goal. The key is to write what you are getting from the reading; you must be getting something. That kid in the story reminds me of my cousin Steve. He was so ready to do it; he scouted out the store, waited until the guy wasnt looking.

I was waiting outside; my friend Jose went in with him.

This story is about a kid who tries to steal an old ladys purse. This is considered a weak response because it is only a PLOT SUMMARY. I dont understand some of the words and the story doesnt make any sense to me. This response is weak because it is an OPINION, an evaluative judgment, and while we do tend to do that, it is not useful for the purpose of literary response.

When he tries to steal her purse, she grabs him and then yells at him. Then she gives him the money for the blue suede shoes he wanted, and lets him go.


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