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« Except as Provided in the Syllabus, Students Shall Read the Statutory Section (i) Before Coming to Class or (ii) In Class Unless Provided Otherwise | Main | Bankruptcy Code in e Pub and Kindle Formats » One of our recent grads tells me that the recent Texas bar exam had a question on bankruptcy law.That got me wondering how many states test bankruptcy law on their bar exam.• If the UBE is adopted, the number of essays would be reduced from 12 to six by adoption of the Multistate Essay Exam.

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If you are finding self-reported numbers online other than the ones above, please post below and link to the information you find!

We know the data is not perfect, but hopefully it is of some use if you are trying to determine the approximate raw score necessary to pass.

Many students ask us what “raw” MBE score they should be aiming for–and what it will actually scale to on the real bar exam.

It is difficult to tell students what MBE raw score they should be aiming for, since the National Conference of Bar Examiners’ stopped releasing all statistical data on the MBE raw-to-scaled score “conversion” a few years ago.

If you are aiming for a 135 mbe scaled score (what is considered to be a “passing score” in many jurisdictions, you should be aiming for a 116 to 120 “raw” mbe score.

Keep in mind that this is 116/190 or 120/190 questions (61% – 63%).

This subject differs from others in two important ways.

First, and most obviously, preparing for the bar exam is not in itself preparing for any particular legal career.

*If you are getting around this number on your practice MBE’s (and I hope you are using real MBE questions, not some Barbri test) you should be in good shape!

We have a 200-question exam that is composed of MBE questions that were If you have any additional data that we can add, please email us ([email protected]).


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