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Moreover, it is not at all apparent what is at stake, more abstractly, in this reciprocal exchange of fates.In this paper, I will propose a reading of this change that relates Nicole?Tender is the Night portrays the characteristics of this "dream" and shows the effects, focusing on the negative effects associated with being wealthy. What similarities of themes did you find in your paired texts, and how are they obvious in the character s behavior?

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As the car finally comes to a halt, “she, [Nicole], was laughing hilariously, unashamed, unafraid, unconcerned. , Freud considers the irrational impulse to be the more powerful and productive force in civilization. And as a patient at the clinic, after having her affection for Dick rebuffed, we are told, “Nicole?

She laughed as after some mild escape of childhood” (192). s world had fallen to pieces, but it was only a flimsy and scarcely created world; beneath it her emotions and instincts fought on” (143).

Money in the story is a sort of materialized passion, the tangible expression of an appetite to possess and control.

Money becomes more and more plentiful as the story moves on, such that by the beginning of book three, after Dick gives up his stake in the clinic, “the mere spending of it, [money], the care of goods, was an absorption in itself.

It was this raw vitality that Dick increasingly lacked (he was far from rugged and becomes less and less creative through the course of the novel) and Nicole saw his missing vigor in herself which than became the focus of her external interest.

Her search for this energy in others was an expression of her own growing awareness of this energy within herself.

Again, an unruly, passionate, and impulsive object represents Nicole. s growing awareness of the wildness of her nature is her relationship with Tommy Barban. ,” following up with, “You are the most dramatic person I have ever known . He is shown very much in control of his environment. He argued that social existence was a competitive struggle among individuals possessing different natural capacities and traits. Darwin's theory of natural selection, which was intended to apply only to selection ... s role as a scientist is not, however, impersonal observation.

The exchange between her and Tommy in their impulsively procured hotel room is very illuminating in this regard. We learn later that Dick is a psychiatrist with a brilliant mind who, if he could only organize his thoughts on paper, would lead to great advances in the subject. some of his followers began to incorporate his ideas on natural selection into the inequality of society. He is a clinical psychiatrist and works to bring those who are mentally disturbed back to the “normal” social world. She is a patient, and it is his charge to alleviate her hysteria.

I think it is noteworthy, as well, that Fitzgerald links this energy to childhood struggles.

If the source of such interior strength is the experience of childhood, then perhaps Nicole?


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