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Template/guide for Physicae Organum, journal of the Institute of Physics of Brasilia University (Un B). Easily customizable, so trivial to change colours and logos for your own institution.A modern dissertation (or thesis) La Te X template. Github repo: https://github.com/jp-um/university_of_malta_La Te X_dissertation_template Get in touch if you find anything untoward or have any questions (or want to buy me beer).

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Nonstatistical arguments for the generality of the findings? A very powerful and productive rule of thumb is to never refer to the subject outside of the subject section. Never use redundant terms like “an experiment to prove” or “an experiment” in the title. Adjust line spacing or leading to give sufficient space between lines for editorial commentary. Do not justify the right margin and do not hyphenate words. Do not "bind" in any covers and do not include blank sheets preceding or following the paper.

Arguments for accepting that the exact independent and dependent variables are appropriate "models" for the inferred independent and dependent variables? If you refer to the subject itself, you are probably wrong. Use a serif typeface such as Times Roman, Century Schoolbook, or New Century Schoolbook. Abbreviations can simplify technical terms but in order to avoid confusion only standardized abbreviations should be used.

Information to be useful to others and to be consensually validated must be communicated.

Any findings which are not independently evaluated are of questionable validity.

You cannot rediscover all the knowledge in the field of psychology for yourself.

You will need to utilize the thousands of man years of hard work and thinking already provided by people in the field if you are going to contribute meaningfully or if you wish to be an ethical purveyor of psychology.

This is the Overleaf template for Political Analysis, which you can use to prepare your submissions to the journal.

Once you've written your article using the Overleaf template, you can also submit directly to the journal using the journal submission link on the template page.

Research papers have a syntax just as do any other form of communication. Focus on real changes in the environment, not presumed changes in the mental processes of the subject. Readers want to know what variables were manipulated and what happened. Before using an abbreviation introduce the term first, and then consistently use that abbreviation when you use the term. Do not use abbreviations at all in the title or abstract.

If you put words or ideas out of order when you are talking, then people don't understand you. All professional papers are written according to the latest Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (4th Ed.) The word “datum” is singular and the word “data” is plural. Number all pages in consecutive order beginning with the Title page. The commentary within the boxes discusses the section on the page following it; that way you can get commentary as well as a feel for how the paper should appear.


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