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If we follow this thread to its extension, technology creates itself.It’s this awareness that technology is creating itself that makes movies like work. Because technologists or historians are often leading the discussion on how technology creates culture, there tends to be this sense of abstractness or extremeness to it. Yes, I did it above, because those extremes are helpful to see.Though it may sound like it at times, I’m not a pessimist about where these norms are leading us because they’re also enabling social change like the Arab Spring, global connectedness, new economic realities and pathways, and better government.

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New age communication has been playing a significant role in changing the outlook of the world in a frantic manner.

The Internet is the most developed in relation to new age communication.

I’m eternally hopeful that we can lean into the good, minimize the bad, and consciously explore the grey areas, which exactly why I talk so much about how technology is affecting our lives, relationships, communities, and work.

In the past decade, people have less connectivity to any kind of information relating to varied culture and social life of diverse nations.

The technology that powered the industrial revolution created the industrial society.

The mass production of automobiles created a culture of commuters, vacationers, and the suburbs.

Radio created a culture of listeners and spawned jazz, big band, and fireside chats.

Television created the culture of Hollywood, MTV, always-on news, and reality TV shows.

And, of course, for each of those examples, someone’s personal behavior can alter the group’s behavior.

It’s just harder to do so because of how quickly, ubiquitously, and unconsciously so many of those norms are forming.


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