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As stated above, Mc Donald is among the three biggest fast-food businesses globally.

Before we embark on the journey, it’s critical toknow what Mac Donald’s does.

adversity carries within itself the seeds of success.

The company’s name would later change to present day’s Mac Donald’s Corp.

Even though the company was founded in California, its headquarters are in West Loop, Chicago.

Initially, he planned to plant 1,000 restaurants in the United States.

But the business ended up expanding into international markets.According to Statista (2018), Mc Donald’s Corp ownedat least 37,855 restaurants as of 2018.Currently, franchisees own 92.7 percent of the business, according to Forbes (Feb 4, 2019).Perhaps it’s more accurate to state that Mc Donald’s leveraged various strengths to clinch its current market dominance.And because the company is now performing well (judging from 2018’s numbers), it can only become more successful and stronger. Let’s look at a few factors that come together into Mc Donald’s strengths.In this process, we’ll spend sufficient time deliberating on each of the 4 aspects mentioned above.Weseek to understand how each aspect strengthens or weakens Mac Donald’s.Before 2018, the company’s headquarters sat in Oak Brook, Illinois.It turned out that Kroc had a really huge vision for his new business.The success the brothers saw must have inspired them to introduce franchising into their overall business strategy.As a result, the business grew into 10 restaurants, nine of which were franchises.


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