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Environmental degradation is of the highest concern in an era of modernity that is just beginning to reap the effects of the industrial age, the age of profitability.Industrial society marks a time in history that transitions humanity from being at the mercy of the environmental risks such as disease, flood, famine, and the like, to risks that are deliberately undertaken by individuals or the society with the goal of man’s mastery over nature through technology.

Therefore, studies illustrate that the American farmer is ready and willing to work within the goals of sustainability with out environmental degradation.

Study after study has concluded that implementing sustainability measures into farming methods lends to profit, but at what cost to the environment?

As such, the logic of agriculture production and distribution is becoming increasingly connected to the logic of the "social production of risk." In this period of acute uncertainty and risk, a reflexive social system (a self-monitoring one) ensures that individuals exposed to particular environmental risks will no longer passively live with them.

This model of environmental sustainability places the majority of the duty of providing for the future on each individual farmer and his or her choice for a farming system.

Today, there are 3 main farming systems that environmental sustainability has to be considered in.

These systems are: Traditionally, most farmers prefer biological farming systems first, conventional farming second, and organic farming last.

While the opinion of the farmers ranks sustainability low on their personal agenda, studies such as this illustrate that sustainability is possible without environmental degradation.

Farmers prefer the healthier form of biological farming to the chemically destructive methods of conventional farming.

In discussing environmental sustainability in the farming paradigm, the design for environmental sustainability is farther from the reality and practicality of implementing solutions.

“Environmental sustainability” has become a popular sociological and agricultural catch phrase yet it is still surrounded by much speculation and little workable framework.


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