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They say, “if you can’t find anyone else use yourself,” and that is exactly what Morgan did to make this documentary more relatable to his audience.This documentary was first shown at the Sundance film festival in 2006, the release of the movie encouraged Mc Donalds to discontinue its ” super size ” promotions as a whole. The only possible answer to the question is because the film had no room for error and by Morgan showing the truth made Mc Donalds lose money.All of the doctors suggest to him that he quit eating Mcdonalds before it causes permanent damage to his body. Sometimes you have to do things that may cause pain in order to see change.

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Living with his vegan girlfriend, Morgan Spurlock decides to try and eat Mc Donalds for every meal for a month.

At the same time he reduces the amount of exercise and walking to match that of the 'average' American to make for a fair experiment.

Spurlock sends this message in a really entertaining way while also having good digs at Mc Donalds.

His relaxed style is refreshing and allows the facts to speak for themselves.

The facts on obesity do speak for themselves and they are frightening and all the more so when you actually sit and think about what you eat – sweets, colas, ready meals, crisps, processed foods; whether it is salt, saturated fats or sugar, any of these foods spells trouble if they are not part of a balanced diet.

My only fear of this film is that many viewers will look at Mc Donalds and say 'they are to blame, lets get them' and simply ignore that it is very easy to eat an unhealthy diet – go to any supermarket and you'll find 'easy' food served up quickly but without the things your body needs.

After an initial bit of sickness he gets to enjoy the food and eats it three times per day.

However after a week or two, his doctors begin to notice significant increases in body fat, cholesterol and blood pressure.

This film may focus on Mc Donalds because it is the world leader in fast food which is high in saturated fats but if all you take from this film is pleasure at seeing Mc Donalds taking a kicking then you are missing the point.

The film was challenging to me and I hope it was to many viewers – but I have not eaten in Mc Donalds or Burger King since 2001 and a bad bout of food poisoning in early 2003 ended my ability to enjoy KFC. Well, because like many others, I eat too many saturated fats and, regardless of where they come from (oven foods, ready meals or fast food) I need to cut them down.


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