Submitting Assignments

You may, however, make as many new submissions as you like by repeating the steps above.Your section leader will receive only the most recent submission.When the page resets, it will not save your work and you will lose the body of your message.

For most of the assignments in this course, you will either want to create a text within Google itself, or copy/paste your work into Google.

I will not download your work or transfer it into another version of Gdoc.

Submitting your work with the Assignment tool in Blackboard allows you to easily upload your homework files to your instructor and receive files back, along with your grade. You can access an Assignment in Blackboard when it’s been deployed by your instructor in a Content Area of the course.

Your instructor may have an entire area in your course dedicated to all assignments, perhaps even linked on the Course menu, or assignments may be placed along with related lesson material.

Rubrics can help your understand what is expected and how you might best meet the requirements of an assignment.

They also help instructors explain how your work is evaluated.I recommend using your UTRGV address for schoolwork, to prevent accidentally sharing documents you might not want your colleagues to see.Creating a document within Google docs vs uploading Google drive offers you multiple ways of uploading and creating work within its ecosystem.Assignments and the Inactivity Timer Something to keep in mind is Blackboard has a 30 minute activity timer and typing is not a recognizable activity in the Blackboard system.If you are typing an assignment and it takes more than 30 minutes to complete, the page may reset.If your assignment goes missing, you will need to resubmit.To make resubmission possible, you are responsible for keeping a backup copy of your work.This allows you to spell-check your work, check the word count, and save it as a back-up copy.The Assignments tool enables you to submit assignments in Brightspace Learning Environment, eliminating the need to mail, fax, or email your work to instructors.Eclipse exports your entire assignment as a single zip file, and you must then submit this zip file online on Paperless, our submission portal.Whether an assignment is submitted on time is determined by the time we receive your electronic submission, which is timestamped in the submission process.


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