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Through my research I have discovered a plethora of literature that confirms this notion.

This review will focus primarily on two different aspects that work coherently to frame the big picture of our nation’s Achilles’ heel, better known as the southwestern border.

As mentioned by Spindlove and Simonsen (2013), “Terrorism is clearly a very special type of violence.

It is a tactic used in many situations: peace, conflict, and even war” (p. Even though, terrorism is widely known, not many may be aware that there are several definitions for terrorism.

[tags: Terrorism, Religion, Irregular military, Jihad] - Given the growing global threats of terrorism, it is significant that an understanding of the history, nature and mechanism-premises under which terror operates is obtained.

This is significant as it would shape the perspective of policy makers when addressing issues of this nature.9/11 marks the beginning of the terror age in US History.The War on Terrorism has been fought for over a decade to try and bring an end to this foreign disease and to eradicate terrorists as a whole.Domestic terrorism comes in two forms, within the United States, secular terrorism and religious terrorism.The broader category of terrorism, of which secular and religious terrorism fall under, is defined as a violent act committed against defenseless civilians in order to incite change.International terrorism occurs outside of the United States with a purpose to influence the policy of a government by intimidation.International and Domestic terrorism both involve violent acts dangerous to human life that violate federal and state laws....- In Module one, I learned that terrorism is a result of physical harm or deadly acts of force with the intent of a political outcome by the use of terror for coercion.There are various types of terrorism such as international terrorism and domestic terrorism.Terrorism, as it is understood is the action of none-state weak actors, individual or groups, who for some reasons feels suppressed, marginalized and, or denied what they may view as the basic human right.All terrorism has political objectives, even though the perpetrators may use religious relics to appeal to a wider existing audience, and invoke a response through violent act to prove or propagate their point....


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