Student Accommodation Business Plan

Becker says that when you buy property in Stellenbosch it is advisable to compare that property to other apartments in different areas and schemes, and to ask the agent for the recent sales in the specific apartment block in order to ensure that you are in the same ballpark as other investors.

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Half the beauty of living in a property that has been designed for students is that there is loads of activity.

Students in studios don’t necessarily get to be part of the camaraderie and the community spirit in each of the flats.

Bachelor flats are very popular with investors for reasons such as low maintenance, high rentals, no transfer duties and a good return on your investment.

Bezuidenhout warns against investing in old houses in order to turn them into student communes.

“We don’t want to see this generation continuing the struggle with mental health.

A successful investment in the lucrative student accommodation market starts with finding the right property in your price range, which requires a lot of homework.Many have designed or renovated their campuses with this in mind, offering more recreational activities, community events and counselling services.Nicholas Porter, chairman of GSA said,“Our student residents are now Gen Z, a generation which continues to wow the world with its conscientious, politically and socially aware approach, its determination to make the world a better place and a keen eye for fairness and value for money.), it could actually be detrimental to students’ well-being and overall university experience.Bobbi Hartshorne, GSA’s Global Head of Student Well-being said, “We are advocating reducing the number of studios.“This is especially true in the case of two-bedroom apartments and bachelor flats that are within walking distance from the University.These two categories range in price from about R400 000 to R1,1 million with average rent for a bachelor flat at about R3,800 per month.The global framework and deliverables remain constant in all countries involved, and the residence teams will receive training and implement flexible event schedules specially-tailored to local student markets.Hartshorne said, “80 percent of National Student Housing Survey respondents in the UK said their accommodation has a direct impact on their overall sense of well-being.Prospective buyers need to do comprehensive research on specific areas and apartment blocks to narrow down their search before entering the market.Jacques Becker, Seeff agent in Stellenbosch, says that the student housing market in Stellenbosch has always been a very captive market and that investing in property here is a very good investment, especially when a property is close to campus.


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