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JSON Parsing, Field Validation, Business Validation, Formatting, Interactor, Presenter, View Controller, View etc..Let’s think of an example, imagine we have an architecture that contains 6 steps, managed by different classes/functions.Swift has powerful and rich value types that support methods, implementing protocols(interfaces), extensions etc.

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As a reminder here is a list of Swift value types: In 2014 Apple introduced Swift.

It’s a multi-paradigm, compiled, statically and strongly-typed language.

This is a huge topic that goes beyond the scope of this article.

So I will not go deeper into this heated debate and leave it here for now.

Examples of good candidates for structures include:- The size of a geometric shape, perhaps encapsulating a width property and a height property, both of type Double.- A way to refer to ranges within a series, perhaps encapsulating a start property and a length property, both of type Int.- A point in a 3D coordinate system, perhaps encapsulating x, y and z properties, each of type Double.

In all other cases, define a class, and create instances of that class to be managed and passed by reference.

But I think this topic needs huge attention, because most of the developer community is unaware of the problems with value type usages. In this post, I will try to address some anti-patterns of Swift value type usages.

Then I will try to explain how these can affect our expectations of reality.

By providing powerful value types, Swift aims to maximize value type usage to avoid possible errors related to sharing the state.

Meantime value types provide better performance metrics than reference types.


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