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The roles of migration, admixture and acculturation in the European transition to farming have been debated for over 100 years.

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BCS-1032255) and by an Allen Discovery Center of the Paul Allen Foundation, and is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator.

is supported by the Calleva Foundation and the Human Origins Research Fund.

In what only exacerbates the difficulties, we found fine and coarse grained sandstone, which logically means some of the sandstone brought onto this site came from much further inland than the fine grained rock.

But how did this happen, from where and who was involved? That was before our first sighting of Adam’s Garden, a 175-metre stretch of creek-bank containing tens of thousands of rocks of every conceivable type.

Undeniably, there is evidence at four sites that is indicative of exotic technology well beyond the embrace of any Original* rock and stick tool-kit.

It goes way back, whether tens or hundreds of thousands of years is a moot point, but the antiquity and sophistication in evidence asks questions most academics do not have the capacity to reply to or appreciate.

Kruszynski at the Natural History Museum for providing access to samples.

Burger for discussions on the bioinformatic pipeline, and V.

was supported by the US National Institute of Justice (grant No.

contributed to the sampling strategy and the interpretation of results.


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