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Such fleeting mentions of religion echoed van Goghs feelings towards the subject at this time; he could neither forget it nor totally accept it.

Despite this, his use of the word 'quiet' and reference to Tolstoys book indicates that the night sky made him feel calm and brought to mind eternity.

Starry Night shows the vast power of nature and the church spire and cypress tree - representing man and nature - both point to the heavens.

In Starry Night van Gogh´s unique, thick brush strokes are very much obvious and it´s possible that his severe attacks further dramatized his brush work.

In a letter to his brother, Theo, van Gogh comments: "I should not be surprised if you liked the Starry Night and the Ploughed Fields, there is a greater quiet about them than in the other canvases.

" Later in the letter he makes reference to Leo Tolstoys book My Religion and its lack of belief in resurrection.Vincent van Gogh´s choice of dark blues and greens were complemented with touches of mint green showing the reflection of the moon.The buildings in the centre of the painting are small blocks of yellows, oranges, and greens with a dash of red to the left of the church.The night sky depicted by van Gogh in the Starry Night painting is brimming with whirling clouds, shining stars, and a bright crescent moon.The setting is one that viewers can relate to and van Gogh´s swirling sky directs the viewer´s eye around the painting, with spacing between the stars and the curving contours creating a dot-to-dot effect.The dominance of blue in Starry Night is balanced by the orange of the night sky elements.Van Gogh paints the rich colors of the night and this corresponds with the true character of this Starry Night, whereby colors are used to suggest emotion.The village is painted with dark colors but the brightly lit windows create a sense of comfort.The village is peaceful in comparison to the dramatic night sky and the silence of the night can almost be felt in Starry Night.It seems that van Gogh was showing that even with a dark night such as this it is still possible to see light in the windows of the houses.Furthermore, with shining stars filling the sky, there is always light to guide you.


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