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His death lead to an older Gordie at age 40 getting the hard material to write a story based on them, even detailing his killing.A Murder in Maple Town by: Han Far ago from now, there was a town named Maple Town.

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They send many cars to look for Bob and use any resources; but they found nothing.

The Honda car along with Bob seems disappeared from the earth.

In the town, there was a young couple husband named Bob and his wife Sue.

During the past few years, they worked very hard on transporting coal and building materials. They opened a transportation company and a department store in the town.

His name is Jack and he left the Maple Town two years ago.

Jack said to Sue:“ I just came back, and heard what happened to my cousin. I was outside of town for two years and heard a lot of things like this, those damn kidnappers!He, with Gordie's help, managed to let go of much of his anger towards his family image, and put in a tremendous amount of effort in high school - enough to eventually become accepted into University.Chris died in a fast food restaurant as the result of a fatal stabbing he suffered while trying to stop a fight.At the same time, they also bought a house in the town and a Honda car. Recently, the young couple decided to do business in the city, they plan to open a supermarket.One day, Bob went to the city to find the best location for their supermarket.Although the police worked hard in day and night, but they find no valuable clues for more than 20 days.Police department decided to put the case beside for a moment.Christopher "Chris" Chambers is one of the four boys from protagonist group circle of friends in the short story The Body from Different Seasons, as well as the film Stand By Me, based on the story.In Stand By Me, he is portrayed by River Phoenix in the film and instead of having lived in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine (which is the case in The Body), his hometown of Castle Rock was stated to be in Oregon instead of Maine.Chris grew up in a family of alcoholics, and is constantly looked down upon by the entire town just based on this association, despite not actually possessing any of their general ill nature himself.Chris is an average build, mid-height 13 year old boy with slightly tanned skin, short light brown hair and green-blue eyes.


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