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Combining the element of politics, social responsibility and ethical practice Manchester has managed to achieve a state of relative prosperity that will lend credence to the spirit of urban tourisms vital capacity to lend aid to struggling economies.

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In a very public effort to rebrand the city in the 1990’s, Manchester adopted the new motto “The life and Soul of Britain” (Spirou 2011, pp. A demonstrative first step allows a positive perception to begin.

This rededication was a precursor of the effort to improve the social and cultural perception of Manchester as a destination.

Next, this work examines the competing interests with the advent of the policy records in order to produce a credible series of results.

Employing these results illustrated a wide range of benefits for the sport centred urban tourist effort.

Alongside this opportunity Manchester has determined to employ a sport centred economic plan in an effort to bring in revenue.

This study begins by assessing the underlying policies alongside the economic and social context in order to establish the overall direction of the rebranding effort of the focus on the area of sport.

Alongside the positive elements is a strong residual argument that further study of the often volatile market segment will be needed in order to fully assess every opportunity.

Current statistics illustrate the UK tourism market is centred in urban areas by a wide margin (Beioley 2002, pp. This revenue stream can be utilized to reinvigorate a local or regional economic outlook in a variety of manners.

As a result of the on-going campaign to build economic progress, regulators have actively worked to instil a tourism friendly element that is a continual boon to the urban recovery process in Manchester (Weed 2010, pp. Alongside the recognition of the potential revenue to be found in the tourist trade, Manchester has worked unceasingly to put itself in a better strategic marketing position.

It is the combination of forward thinking policy in conjunction with an adaptable industry that demonstrates Manchester’s long term commitment to the area of urban tourism.


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