Spatial Statistics Phd Thesis

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Within the framework of MOASIS, potential research topics for MSc projects could be: Methods, requirements: Depending on the focus, a combination of spatial statistics and empirical analysis in R or Matlab.

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That is, we find ourselves in a situation where the movement patterns that we are trying to detect are massively oversampled.

As movement patterns (and the behaviors they represent) most often take place at different temporal scales, oversampling now offers the possibility to adjust the analysis scale to the adequate temporal scale, either by resampling to coarser resolutions or by using inherently multi-scale methods (e.g. In a recently completed Ph D thesis (Soleymani 2016, Soleymani et al.

This is mostly to save disk space and/or bandwidth.

For some applications this aggregation is clearly sufficient. (2013): Accelerometer-Based Transportation Mode Detection on Smartphones.

Short description: Human movement is analysed with a wide range of differing methodologies but usually based on GPS and/or Accelerometer data.

Almost always this is done way below the sampling rates that today’s sensors could easily provide (such as 50Hz).Other applications that have characteristic movements in the sub-second range would potentially benefit from the higher resolution. (2016): Transportation mode detection – an in-depth review of applicability and reliabilty. Proceedings of the 11th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems.One such example would be transport mode detection, where long time series are important and therefore a high compression is desirable, but it seems plausible that small but characteristic movement patterns are present and it is unclear whether they can be captured fully by generic summary statistics. the added granularity indeed leads to an improvement of the classification), implications for future data collection efforts (classification at collection time, additional features to be collected...) should be thought about and ideally demonstrated. Short description: This topic is partly related to the previous topic (“Trade-offs ...”).Some basic reading in the field of movement and potentially psychology will be necessary.Language: A good command of English is a prerequisite.Supervisor(s): Robert Weibel, Oliver Burkhard Initial readings: Laube, P., Purves, R. For instance, video tracking typically works at 30 frames / second, that is, 30 Hz.Similarly, if a GPS tracker can be recharged daily and the data downloaded at frequent intervals, it is easy to set the sampling rate to 1 Hz or higher.Is real-world applicability important to you, or are you ready for blue skies research? In the topic descriptions below, we have listed the contact persons in our group.Do you have your own topic, or a topic that you wanted to pursue with a third party (e.g. Additionally, Robert Weibel can give an overview of the project topics in the GIS Unit.Hence, what are the research questions you want to investigate?We are there to help you formulate suitable research questions and bring your research to fruition.


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