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Now, you should be targeting a person with some type of knowledge on the topic…so it will be easy for them to talk about the concepts in the book.Then, you just use a transcript of that interview as your foreword.Now, onto your real conundrum: Is The Great Gatsby part of the public domain? And, if my math is correct (which it usually isn’t, so I double-checked with my friendly solar-powered calculator), The Great Gatsby will become part of the public domain in 2020.

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You can boost a book's exposure and your own authority positioning– particularly at launch and during the early weeks – by aligning yourself with an celebrity expert in a niche.

Now, I don't mean a celebrity like Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon or Donald Trump. An expert foreword helps back your book with credibility, especially if you haven’t written in the niche extensively or built your own audience up via a blog or social media account.

This is obviously self-serving because I can source all these people for you but heck this is 2018 and content has been denigrated to below fish wrapper so why not plug my own crap in a Medium post.

You can also go online and ask around but good luck finding someone sane.5. Here’s the sad truth: even if you do all this you probably won’t be published.

If you wrote a fiction book about the moon or BDSM, however, you’re probably golden.6. Further, you’ll be able to create multiple calling cards and share your experience and skill with a wide audience and you’ll feel great. If it can fit in a Tweet we all might be better off.

NOTE TO READERS: AFTER WRITING THIS Q&Q I READ A COPYRIGHT LAW THAT DIDN’T JIVE WITH MY ANSWER, SO I CONTACTED AN ATTORNEY TO SET THINGS STRAIGHT. AFTER SOME DIGGING WE FOUND THAT THE GREAT GATSBY WILL ENTER THE PUBLIC DOMAIN IN 2020, NOT 2010 AS I ORIGINALLY STATED. Q: Do I need permission to write a sequel to a famous book (in my case, The Great Gatsby) or can I just write and sell it? Q: For all books that fall under copyright protection, yes, you need to be granted permission by the copyright holder.And John Gardner didn’t need permission from anyone to write his Beowulf interpretation, Grendel (public domain since, well, before any of us were born).To know when a copyright expires, you need to understand the rules established by the U. Copyright Office (which are very confusing, so I’ll try to sum up).If you click on the chapter folder you’ll see a little notecard representation of the scenes inside. You can create a chapter folder, call it “Welcome To My Amazing Brain,” and add a scene that says “Introduce my brain to the reader.” Do that many times and you’ll have a book. I’m barely OK as a writer and I’ve been writing for 20 years. Talk out exactly what you want to say, warts and all. If you can do this yourself without hitting some kind of vapor lock then go for it. They ensure you have a consistent thread and turn your mumblings into a real book. Copy editing is what a lot of people think of as writing.Most books should be about 50,000 words so you’ll want 12–15 chapters total with a few thousand words per chapter. It’s the process of ensuring that you sound like you speak English (or French or whatever).Put the call out to friends, family, and co-workers: Do you know someone who has this skill or this credential?If you’re writing a book in the realm of children’s health, ask who knows a pediatrician. This means you have to take a little time every day and record a chapter or a section of a chapter. You need to produce at least 1,000 words a day, every day, for about 60 days. For most writers all it takes is to sit in a chair for 20 years staring at a blank screen until someone finally pays you. You should also be sure that you’ve wrapped your brain around each chapter so you can stop and start at will.For you, however, I’d like to offer a few quick tips on how to write your own book quickly and painlessly. Those little flags I added myself by right clicking and changing the icon. I have a service I use that I can connect you with or you can go online and do it somehow with robots or whatever. The result is that you have pages and pages of text to make up that 50,000 word book without having to sit and think about whether you should use “decisive” or “determined” in the first line of your first chapter. Keep doing this until you have at least 80,000 words of transcribed text.4. If you don’t think you can turn your vocal ramblings into readable text you’re going to need a ghostwriter.


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