Solving Word Problems Powerpoint

Not all will work for every student, because their learning styles are different, but all will find two or more that should work.

This is a good strategy for more complex problems that give more information.

Students in middle and high school math classes still need reinforcement for continued retention.

As a student, you should keep your own list of problem-solving strategies, identify those that work best for you, and refer to those when you are tasked with math word problems. And remember this: Word problems in math do not have to create immediate anxiety.

Drawing a picture will help, but also will simplifying the problem by dividing the sections, especially the uneven one, into smaller sections.

Then one small section can be applied to the larger sections.

It’s all about experiencing these types of math problems and learning a strategy or two (or three or four) to solve them.

When kids are not provided with enough experience in how to solve word math problems and do not develop problem solving strategies for math, they are at a disadvantage through the rest of their math schooling and in real life situations, where math facts are totally secondary to problem-solving.

And it is important the examples of each of these strategies area presented to students regularly.

These can be crafted in advance as a Power Point presentation and displayed when a word problem is introduced.


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