Solve Word Problems Using Systems Of Equations

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So the points of intersections satisfy both equations simultaneously.

We’ll need to put these equations into the \(y=mx b\) (\(d=mj b\)) format, by solving for the \(d\) (which is like the \(y\)): First of all, to graph, we had to either solve for the “\(y\)” value (“\(d\)” in our case) like we did above, or use the cover-up, or intercept method.

In this type of problem, you would also have/need something like this: .

Now, since we have the same number of equations as variables, we can potentially get one solution for the system.

The easiest way for the second equation would be the intercept method; when we put for the “\(d\)” intercept.

We can do this for the first equation too, or just solve for “\(d\)”.

This will help us decide what variables (unknowns) to use.

What we want to know is how many pairs of jeans we want to buy (let’s say “\(j\)”) and how many dresses we want to buy (let’s say “\(d\)”).

Note that we solve Algebra Word Problems without Systems here, and we solve systems using matrices in the Matrices and Solving Systems with Matrices section here.

“Systems of equations” just means that we are dealing with more than one equation and variable.


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