Solve Integration Problems

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However, this technical infrastructure presents only a small portion of the integration complexities.

The true challenges of integration span far across business and technical issues. There are no simple answers for enterprise integration.

For example, many billing systems started to incorporate customer care and accounting functionality.

Likewise, the customer care software maker takes a stab at implementing simple billing functions such as disputes or adjustments.

Creating a single, big application to run a complete business is next to impossible.

The ERP vendors have had some success at creating larger-than-ever business applications.Well, like in most cases things happen for a reason.First of all, writing business applications is hard.This chapter illustrates how the patterns in this book can be used to solve a variety of integration problems.In order to do so, we examine common integration scenarios and present a comprehensive integration example.Second, spreading business functions across multiple applications provides the business with the flexibility to select the “best” accounting package, the “best” customer relationship management or the order processing system that best suits the business’ needs.One-stop-shopping for enterprise applications is usually not what IT organizations are interested in, nor is possible given the number individual business requirements.The reality, though, is that even the heavyweights like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and the like only perform a fraction of the business functions required in a typical enterprise.We can see this easily by the fact that ERP systems are one of the most popular integration points in today’s enterprises.Application integration needs to provide efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between multiple enterprise applications.Unfortunately, enterprise integration is no easy task.


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