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As a final check we can put our "common sense" hat on and think "is that the right size?

", because we don't want to pay ten times too much for anything, nor do we want to get only one-tenth of what we need!

You will often see other versions, which are generally just a shortened version of the process below.

You can also see this done in Long Division Animation.

The games on this page are mainly geared towards 4th grade students.

This is an online workshop that allows students to work through long division problems on a step-by-step basis, with prompts and instructions from the computer for each step of the way. This program will help you to envision the concept of division.

You can correct yourself and go back by clicking with the mouse on the digit you wish to correct.

When you are finished, click the "Check Answer" button. Drag the digits from the left hand side, and place them carefully in the correct locations on the worksheet, to solve the problem.

The instructions for each module are presented step-by-step to minimize confusion and contains several examples so students will quickly learn the concepts and begin working on the solving the problems.

Many of the activities offer feedback by advising students if any answers are incorrect, so they can try again.


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