Should Cellphones Be Allowed In School Persuasive Essay

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Emergency response: Majority of parents support the student carrying mobile phone to the school as they think it is a perfect tool to call their kids during emergency.

Although the cause is noble, it can be a major distraction for the children as they have to check the smart phone every minute for the elusive messages.

Phones now have access to the internet which opens up a whole world of distractions.

The question must be asked: are students using this access to further their study, or for entertainment purposes?

Nowadays schools have special secretaries who pass on the emergency messages to the children.

It is easier to locate the students during the scheduled classes.

It will help the students to focus on the study sessions in school instead of watching smart phone every minute for crude posts from friends.

Bullying in real time is easier to spot for the teachers however its cyber version is difficult to detect as people do not know what the kids are talking.

Should they be allowed in the classroom; and if so, why?

An argument many teachers and principals have is that students predominantly use their cell phones to communicate with friends during class.


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