Short Essay On Film Industry

Short Essay On Film Industry Primary Writing Paper With Picture Box

It was a great contribution for the whole entertainment industry that helped other entertainment industry develop their technology at the same time to serve the public better.

In the beginning of this evolution, the Hollywood studio did not believe that the movie with sound could be very successful.

However in 1927, after the Hollywood published the first "talkie" movie "The Jazz Singer", and it turned out the producer was so wrong.

In 1925, The WB thought about the synchronized sound (then known as "talking pictures" or "talkies") for the first time, it was Sam’s inspiration, it led a revolution to whole entertainment industry in just few years, but nobody realized how fabulous it is at that time, they just wanted to innovate, it is their last opportunity and they had no choice.

Then, in the Xie 5 next year they published the Dan Juan, the first movie with that new thought, although the film was silent, it featured a large number of Vitaphone shorts at the beginning; people liked it!


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