Short Essay On Environment In Kannada

Short Essay On Environment In Kannada-69
The demand for food means that crops need to be perfect so the use of fertilisers and herbicides is increasing too.Factory chimneys emit sulphur dioxide, which has to be monitored.These include such chemicals or substances which do not form part of the natural cycles but are gradually building up in the environment.

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Pollution implies the addition or release of such substances in concentrations in the environment which tend to deteriorate the use to which such components of the eco-system are put to, and which tend to impair the normal physiological and biological systems of the associated biota, including man.Man has caused many far-reaching effects on the environment over the years.Global warming, pollution and the damage to the ozone layer are a few of the major things that can be heard about in the news.Deforestation, siltation, water, air and noise pollution, insanitation-all these are posing serious threat not only to the quality of life in India, but also to its basic survival.There are many diseases which are transmitted through water. According to an estimate more than 80 percent Indians suffer from water-borne diseases. Nobody can save him from this danger unless he himself becomes alert.The scientific development and expansion of urban areas has become as must to cater to the increasing needs of increasing number of people capable to be benefitted by the modern standards of living.The atmosphere has to be affected more and more by the production of more and more consumer goods along with the capital goods. Mahatma Gandhi’s saying that the future of India is not a mass production but in production by the masses may definitely have meaning for Western world as well.Man has damaged the earth gradually over the years and this damage cannot be reversed, we are now trying to stop any more damage being caused to the environment.Conservation work is going on across the country and this is helping to preserve the wildlife and countryside that we have left.National calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, famines, epidemics, etc., because great suffering to human being.But man’s most effective enemy is man himself because he is himself responsible for polluting the environment in which he lives.


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