Short Essay About Water Cycle

Fortunately, we have many sources of water including seas, rivers, oceans and rain.

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You can go with the one of your choice: Water is available in abundance on Earth.

It is present on the surface of Earth as well as beneath it.

This cycle is also called the H2O cycle or the hydrologic cycle. Water cycle keeps providing us with freshwater continuously.

This is a reversible cycle, which means every stage in the cycle keeps repeating itself.

It is high time we must understand the importance of water in our lives and the necessity to save it.

There are many simple ways in which we can avoid wastage of water such as bathing with less water, watering plants with waste water from RO, cleaning the car with a wet cloth rather than pipe, etc.It is circulated in the atmosphere and forms clouds that burst and reach the Earth’s surface in the form of rain.Thus, the water that evaporates gets replenished by the natural process of water cycle which occurs continuously.Take a big glass bowl and fill ¼ of the bowl with water.Place an empty mug in the center of the bowl, be careful not to splash any water, and make sure the level of the water is less than the height of mug.When large amount of vapours join together, the cloud becomes heavier and falls in the form of rain.This way the water falls back on the surface of Earth.On the base of the container, spread some soil and spray some water on it to make it damp. Now, take a small bowl and fill it halfway with water and place it in the center, and scatter few pebbles around. Every living being on Earth needs water to survive.Plants need water to fetch nutrients from the soil and stay nourished, animals need water to quench their thirst and human beings require water for several purposes including drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing to name a few.Water also serves as habitat for various creatures. Thus, all the mentioned needs are being taken care of since centuries.


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