Short Book Review Of Who Moved My Cheese

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Currently, ive been reading Paulo Coelho"s ' Like The Flowing River'. The Plot: The book starts with "A Gathering" which is a discussion among group of people who are former classmates.

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Meanwhile, the less-intelligent mice find cheese and are doing fine. It shows you that you have to be alert to changes so you don’t get caught unprepared when your “cheese” (job, relationship, etc.) inevitably disappears.

It shows you that you must simply take care of business when change occurs instead of getting bogged down in overanalyzing the situation.

This makes them aware that one day it is going to be empty and they have to go out and find cheese again in the maze.

As days pass, one day the two mice Sniff and Scurvy notice that the cheese was gone.

Over the past few years, I’ve been hearing coworker after coworker raving about what an awesome book this is and that I just had to give it a read.

The book clocks in at 96 pages, and I read it cover-to-cover in 20 minutes.

All of them used to go into a maze daily in search of cheese which they liked.

They used to run through the maze which has many corridors and doors and also some dangerous dark places.

I also got a behind-the-scenes commentary since I went through the audio book version. It’s a short read of 90 pages so it’ll be easy to summarize the important points. After a long time, their situation hasn’t changed; no new cheese has appeared. They start using sophisticated tools to dig behind the walls because they think the cheese might be behind there.

Fortunately, it’s not as bad as They make it pretty obvious what the lessons are. They’re always checking to see if the supply is getting lower. The mice foresaw this and they move on to discover more cheese. Their arrogance blinded them to the slowly dwindling supply. They complain that they worked hard to find the cheese and more.


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