Sex Offender Registry Research Papers

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This paper argues for the abolishment of the public sex offender registry by giving concrete reasons against having the practice retained. According to this principle, high risk offenders are supposed...Reasons why the Public Sex Offender Registry should be abolished Harm to families.

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It must not be ignored that sex offences are serious crimes, and the State of California believes such and therefore advocates the registration of such individuals, and claims that the public disclosure of.....this program is mind-boggling.

The Washington Department of Corrections spends in excess of 4.9 million dollars per annum in order to rehabilitate a total class side not in excess of 400 students. London Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Moreover, the study showed that positive support system is more effective in preventing reoffending.

The conclusion is that recidivism in unrelated to the residence of the offender and that the residency restriction law does not effectively deter reoffending.

The main aim of the justice system is reforming offenders and giving them a chance to live normal lives.

The use of the public sex offender registry fails to do this. Although this number is high, it should be considered that for a total price tag of around ,500 per individual, the class offers a rehabilitation rate of 93%. As such, it is the opinion of this author that this is money well spent as the results quickly pay for themselves as compared to the cost of housing an inmate in a penitentiary system quickly equate to a much higher number. The dynamic factors to put into consideration include anti-social attitudes, and substance abuse. It is thus paramount for a judge to understand the sex offenders before sentencing and prescribing a form of treatment. According to Tofte, Sara and Jamie (2007), these ranges from extreme sex acts like statutory rape, child sexual abuse and molestation, bestiality, incest and even sexual assault which are common across all states in the US. This is always based on static factors such as history of arrest, age during the first arrest, and the current age.The implementation of additional laws and regulations is also funded by taxpayers. This report makes a conclusion that there are better ways of handling sex offenders, rather than subjecting them and their families to excessive punishment, humiliation and harm, and violating their rights. The hospital specializes in lung cancer, but various other forms of cancer are also treated. Johannson, the CEO has the vision to rate the achievement of quality as one of the important organizational goals and this has contributed to the.....other protected areas (Levenson & Hern 2007 61). The organization also has a three year cancer funding research program and a three year accreditation, having received commendation by the Commission on Cancer.The author talks that supporters of the preservation of the public sex offender registry and relevant acts argue that the registration is important in protecting them and their children. They however forget the tax burden imposed on tax payers, who have to pay the salaries and fund all operations of the staff working in these units.


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