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learning outcomes assessment) produced little insight into what and how our students are learning.One can only hope that what comes out of accreditors “asking hard questions about assessment” is a more humble approach to educational assessment and a better appreciation for the nature of the learning process itself.

Scholars studying student self- and peer assessment have advocated for a better approach to educational assessment for decades.

[1] In fact, self-assessment emerges in this research as a counter-discourse to assessment theories that sacrifice student learning in the interest of measurement.

As a student-centered approach to assessment, student self-assessment promises to correct this misalignment between assessment and learning.

In self-assessment, students can be involved in reflecting on standards of quality in a discipline and developing criteria for evaluating their work.

They also learn to apply criteria to their own work and that of their peers, and judge how well their work reflects those standards.

Engaging students in the assessment process in this way deepens their engagement with course content and strengthens their metacognitive abilities as self-assessment often involves reflective activities that encourage students to think about and adjust their approaches to learning.

This semester, I took a deep dive into research on assessment and learning in preparation for my talk on student self-assessment in our “What’s New in Research on Teaching and Learning” series in March.

What I found reaffirmed my belief in the urgent need to revise assessment practices in educational settings not only for educational but also for moral reasons.

Academic settings can provoke a variety of emotional responses in our students and those emotions in turn determine how well (or not) students are learning.

If you’d like to learn more about the relationship between emotions and learning, I recommend the wonderfully lucid and engaging chapter on emotion in Josh Eyler’s new book.


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