Secondary Research Paper Structure

Secondary Research Paper Structure-14
If you are unclear about which sources to use, ask your instructor for guidance.

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You will no doubt use both primary and secondary sources throughout your academic career.

When you use them, and in what combination, usually depends on what your research inquiry is and the discipline for which you are writing.

For example, before you interview your candidates for a study on adolescent girls, you may use library research to get some background information on adolescent girls and their current issues.

You may also want to observe them in a school setting, noting certain behaviors, dress, or mannerisms, depending on your focus.

Then, you should format your document according to the style used in your university.

If your committee requires you to create a thesis based on primary research, you’ll have to do more than just analyze the works of other scholars.Primary sources can be firsthand accounts of actual events written by an eyewitness or original literary or artistic works.They may be letters, official records, interviews, survey results, or unanalyzed statistical data.To achieve the goals implied by your topic, you’ll need to collect original data by conducting your own tests, experiments, interviews, etc.It might be difficult to select a proper methodology for this type of a study, so consult your professor before making any serious decisions.Your research question and the kind of research you do will guide the types of resources you will need to complete your research.Students now have easy access to a wider range of information than ever before.Conducting research today requires that you understand how to locate resources—in libraries and frequently online—and that you have the skill and motivation to work with librarians and library technology.Identifying and managing those resources within your research project is as important as integrating them into your own words and your research writing voice.They may also come from interviews and surveys you or someone else designs.You may develop your own field research where you collect data through observation or experimentation.


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