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Among the questions to be explored are what a community considers to be data, what data might be shared, what data should be shared, when data can be shared, and in what forms can data be shared?We will consider what approaches may be generic across disciplines and what practices may be field-specific. We have had standards for cataloging data files since the 1970s. Similarly, data archives have been promoting data citation practices for several decades. Several developments contribute to the renewed interest in data citation and attribution, all of which are topics of this Workshop.Data have become a critical focus for scholarly communication, information management, and research policy.

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Pick a popular style like Vancouver and use a citation manager to do your heavy lifting (although its always a good idea to double check! AMA (American Medical Assocation) Style is used for citing medical research.

It is the standard for journals published by the American Medical Association.

Valuable research data often are not captured, cited, or reused.

Our challenge is to identify what part of these resources should be kept, the right way to keep them, and the right tools and services to make them useful.

), except to acknowledge that data often exist in the eyes of the beholder.

Science Research Paper Citation

Our principal concerns are how to assign credit for data (attribution) and how to reference data (citation) in ways that others can identify, discover, and retrieve them.

Yet data are very different entities than publications. Toward Information Infrastructure Studies: Ways of Knowing in a Networked Environment. A social topic of particular interest is the relationship of reward systems to data citation.

They take many more forms, both physical and digital, are far more malleable than publications, and practices vary immensely by individual, by research team, and by research area. C., Baker, K., Millerand, F., Ribes, D., Hunsinger, J., Klastrup, L. At the local edge of the model are individual practices for managing data and library practices for data stewardship.

Data are now viewed as significant research products in themselves, more than just adjuncts to publications. Our presentations will touch upon each part of this model.

Funding agencies now expect investigators to capture, manage, and share their data. At the technical edge of the model, infrastructure is the embodiment of standards, which in turn are built on an installed base.


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