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This course is a survey of American Literature that stresses literary and cultural themes. Discussion is the primary way in which students come to understand a particular issue or work of fiction, drama, or poetry. There are projects and assignments done individually as well. There is a strong emphasis on writing, speaking, and discussion. Cooperative learning groups are also used in this class.

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As well, many countries have government schools and their fee is rather affordable to the general public.

Normally, children of age 6-8 are enrolled to schools and are promoted to higher grades or classes depending on their performance.

Most of the time the learning content is not pre-scheduled, it is either random or depends on the interest of the learner.

Also, there is no specific stage that leads from one to another in this case, for example, the concept of lifelong education.

In this article, we will be discussing the sources of knowledge, the stages and the participants of both schooling and when education is concerned as a whole.

School is the initial stage of formal student education in most countries.As well, more importantly all other informal means of knowledge like learning from peers, in work situations, from sources like books, online sources and free lecture sessions that take place outside educational institutions are also part of education.When this informal aspect of education is concerned as a whole, it is not systematic, pre-scheduled or properly administered.Formal aspect of education is always systematic, pre-scheduled and well administered by authorities.In addition, each stage of formal education leads to higher levels in education.In all these ancient contexts attendance to formal education institutions was considered a privilege and depended on social classes.In the modern day, school education is considered as one of the basic rights of citizens.The article becomes visible to be leading towards women, married audience.Nonetheless, her message also goes to clueless men. "Female Labour Participation in Rural and Urban India: Does Housewives' Work Count? In all schools, be it public or privatized, there are specific curricula intended for each age groups or grades.When the administration of schools are concerned principle or a head-teacher /master is in charge of the management and under his supervision there are heads of sections, units and teachers in charge of classes.


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