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although a batch of lectors offer excess recognition or will knock classs from Business school to As for pupils who attended category every twenty-four hours. high school’s attending is more rigorous comparison to college.Medical certification is required if I absent from school.I have been working hard to continue my teaching and also study together, though I feel really very uneasy. By Prasun Singh The part of a man’s life spent at school or college is student life. He spends all his time in studies, games and entertainment. In this life, students learn many subjects such as languages, mathematics, history, geography, social studies, science and the like. These qualities help them to make adjustment in society when they finish their studies. In this way the seeds of greatness are sown in student life, Besides textbook knowledge, they learn discipline, punctuality, regularity, co-operation, etc.

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Such many reasons often made me cry and hesitate from going to school.

I really did not like friends saying that student’s life was a pleasant life.

There were no boundary lines set by strict rules and regulations of the school and school teachers. I don’t mean to say that I was living aloof from my friends. I knew it was not possible to get any chance in government service and neither in private companies because I had no political’ or family source.

We enjoyed tea together; friends’ meetings together; evening walk together; games together; and many other things together. It was during the intermediate level that I realized that student’s life was really much pleasant life. 1 appeared in the final exams, I was now diverted to think about my family. For qualification and quality, there was the possibility of chance only in private schools.

Nevertheless, I studied and completed school courses. College life was certainly better than school life.

When I recollect intermediate studies, I feel very delighted. I had much freedom now, but yet I was a little conscious about my future. Therefore, without any instruction, or command, or demand from teachers’ or parents’ side, I was bound to my studies. I was driven to studies by my natural instinct, and there was a genuine pleasure.In summer, we sat and talked in the shade of a tree. After a month’s search, I found a place in a school. Students, teachers and even officials liked me for my laborious and friendly conducts.I passed the intermediate level and then joined the bachelor level. I am also very happy to think that 1 shall be able to teach later the college students much confidently because of my teaching experience. A student is free from the cares and anxieties of his family. Besides textbook knowledge, they learn discipline, punctuality, regularity, co-operation, etc.I do non needfully acquire reminders about assignment deadlines or readying for trials and tests. I have to prioritise my demands and make up one’s mind what to pass on. 1comparison between two experience Attendance College school’s attending is counted as recognition hr which will do me loosen up a spot.This new life off from place has made me a bit more responsible in general. The lectors are less attention than instructors in school. It is a natural tendency of children because they have to carry a heavy load of books in their bags; they have to stay in school for more than six hours; they have to read and write everything that is said by the teacher, and they have to carry home-assignments to their homes.If they do not show the assignments the following day, they are beaten by teachers.I have learned to get by with the new work load which is more than work load in high school. My experience so far as a college pupil has increased my degree of adulthood as an grownup. Dress codification The frock codification between college school and high school is wholly difference.I am bound by frock codification when I am in secondary school life.


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