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Each day, he chooses to wear this small symbol of his patriotism. ” David pushes his cart to check out, and I give him a big cheesy grin which he returns promptly, adding the phrase, “I’m so blessed to have people here who care about me.” For the following hour after he left, I pondered his simple statement.The Hill Country Family Services Food Pantry gives more than just food to its many patrons: we give our hearts.David strolls through the doors on a frigid afternoon.

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The essay questions can feel overwhelming, and there aren’t many resources to turn to for guidance.

But all of this is actually good news: Since writing an essay is tough for everyone, getting just a little bit better at it will put you that much further ahead of the competition. Below are three examples of real essays that won our scholarship.

Some people might think it’s all about writing ability, but that’s just one part of the equation.

Here are four principles to guide you through the whole process of writing your essay—from selecting a scholarship, to planning and writing the essay itself.1. One mistake that many applicants make is that they work hard writing their scholarship essays, but they don’t put enough time into deciding which scholarships to apply for.

A math genius won’t get a scholarship that’s intended for a history buff.

A baseball player—no matter how good—won’t get a scholarship that’s intended for a football player. Instead of applying for a slew of scholarships that don’t match up with your particular talents, focus your efforts on the select few that do. Is there anything else that you can discern by reading between the lines?No matter what the essay topic is, scholarship committees want to get to know you—and decide whether you’re the person they want to award the scholarship to. If you feel like what the review committee is looking for isn’t what you have to offer, consider finding a scholarship that better matches your qualifications.3. Once you actually start writing, it’s important to follow the formal rules of essay composition. If you don’t, you’re wasting opportunities to convince the review committee that you’re the right person to receive the award.Remember the class you took on how to structure an essay? (And make no mistake, other candidates will be using all of that space to make the case for themselves.)Because scholarships are so competitive, it’s important to do everything you can to distinguish yourself.As I watch each family exit through the doors with brown paper bags filled to the brim, I think of the impact I have been able to make.Each week, I not only give food, but I try and give a small light of hope to everyone I serve. I am able to be a support system for the people that need it most in our community.Set up in aisles, the Cupboard is designed to let the people in our community choose their food for the month, rather than receiving pre-packaged bags.The food pantry runs smoothly because of two main sources.This is the wrong approach, and it’s unlikely to produce good results.A scholarship review committee might read thousands of essays to choose a single recipient.This new discovery of hope, family, and service kindled a new desire: dedicating more time for giving through HCFS.Hill Country Family Services’ “Corner Cupboard” is unlike any other pantry.


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