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There aren’t many two-newspaper towns left in the US, which is part of what makes Wilkes-Barre, a former coal town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, unique.

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Targeted Sources Traditionally, books represent a fertile research source.

However, given how quickly the developments in the media industry are unfolding, I find that the best research sources for my topic are those that are available on a timely basis and track industry developments as they occur.

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Yuill, Nicola and Martin, Alex, "Curling Up With a Good E-Book: Mother-Child Shared Story Reading on Screen or paper Affects Embodied Interaction and Warmth," Frontiers in Psychology, 15 December 2016.Since my research focuses on reader behavior and preferences, I plan on augmenting my research by conducting small-scale surveys, if feasible, to determine and gauge consumer preferences and behavior.In addition, I plan to interview and consult industry experts, such as journalism and communication professors at research universities, and industry professionals like Meredith Artley, who is the executive online editor at the Los Angeles Times.Consequently, advertisements have been migrating away from print newspapers to other channels that have wider and growing audiences.With fewer advertising dollars to support the operations of print media organizations, hundreds of journalist positions have been eliminated, adversely impacting print newspapers and arguably the quality of their content.As a budding journalist, I have naturally been following these developments with keen interest for quite some time now.The world is becoming increasingly driven by technological advances and the news industry is transforming rapidly in unexpected ways.There is a trove of sources that are readily accessible on the Internet, including articles written by research organizations and universities.Both print and online newspaper articles that I've been collecting have also proven useful.“There’s not a paper in America that has four or five readers per copy.The average for the industry for the 30 years I’ve worked in newspapers? It might have topped out at two-point-five at one point.”Surveys such as those conducted by Scarborough Research aren’t generally considered as accurate as, for instance, the audited circulation reports released by the AAM.


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