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She has a Bachelor of Arts in English/creative writing from Bloomsburg University. Introduction The Internet revolution has been compared in size and influence to that of the industrial revolution.Include questions about the person's education, search for a job in the field after completing education requirements and experiences endured in the field.

Case studies of how characters such as Jane Austen’s Emma are described can be found in online journals.

Approach your search for examples through independent research. Your college library and/or intranet lists previous work by academic teachers and post degree students. Law reviews include case studies drawn from court records and legal precedents.

Within the past decade, a tidal wave of online interactive services has hit the ocean of our economy.

Many have failed to keep afloat, but those who have found favor ...

A career profile essay highlights the achievements and experiences of the subject of the essay.

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For example, if you were a student in the field of electrical engineering, you might gather more information about the type of work in that field through a career profile essay on someone with experience and knowledge in a specific area of the electrical engineering workforce.If you plan to use a microcassette recorder, be sure you get the subject's permission to record the interview beforehand.Include highlights from your interview, quotes and facts about your subject in the body paragraphs of your essay.Be sure to follow a logical order, starting at the beginning of your subject's career and following through with successive achievements.Write a conclusion that reiterates the main point of your introductory paragraph, sums up the profile of your subject and concludes with a fact or observation about how that person's contributions have improved the career field.You need to understand what is meant by writing a character profile and what these two nouns mean.You are describing the habits and personality of one person or a group of people.Jennifer Hudock is an author, editor and freelancer from Pennsylvania.She has upcoming work appearing in two Library of the Living Dead Press anthologies and has been published in numerous print and online journals, including e Muse, Real TV Addict and Strange Horizons.You are also drawing your reader’s eye to unique, listed characteristics. Intimate observations from real life and close readings are noted.Coherent examples on how characters are profiled are found in these journals that focus on fiction and literary writing. Begin by refining your search with ‘literary journals.' Type ‘fiction writing’ in your search field and look for credible how-to guides on fiction writing.


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