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They give a description of what gravity waves are, a brief history of gravity waves, and a brief note as to why attempts to detect them are important. It contains, however, too much information in too little space.

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Remember, there is no one correct way to say anything.

There is no one correct way to order or word your paper. And, in most cases, there is only one way to spell a given word!

Most of you have probably written less than a handful of term papers.

Writing clearly and concisely is more difficult than you may think.

Furthermore, when you quote a recognized expert, it adds a certain assurance that what you are describing is not nonsense. It is related to what they are discussing, but is long and goes into more detail than the rest of their discussion.

It is nothing too impressive, and I think that they could have paraphrased it and said it better!When you borrow a figure from another source, you should say something like, "Figure reproduced from [8]" or "Figure reproduced from reference 8" in the figure caption. The transfer of mass between two gravitational wells [8]." leaves the reader wondering if the actual figure comes from reference 8, or whether reference 8 simply discusses the topic or contains a similar figure which inspired this one.It is not enough to just put in a reference without explicitly stating that the figure comes from that reference. In the first paragraph of the fourth page the focus and flow is diminished a bit.In general, long quotes should be avoided unless they really add something to the discussion.The phrase "quadrupole vibration modes" should probably be rephrased using less technical words.One of the things I dislike about this paper is the way in which the figures are presented and referenced.Each figure, table, etc., should be labeled with a number and a caption, i.e., "FIG. Artists depiction of mass transfer between two gravitational wells.I'm really hoping that you will provide me with some better examples this semester!Also note that the style and formatting of these papers don't conform to the standards we are using this semester.Without focus, papers tend not to flow well and are harder to read and understand.Although it is not necessary to write the word "introduction," at the start of your paper (in bold, underlined, and written in day-glow red) , it is important to start off the paper with an introduction to give the reader the necessary background and to explain the motivation for the paper.


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