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During their years in Montreal, Mary Anne gave birth to six children, including three daughters and three sons.

One daughter, Anna Therese, later followed her mother's writing career, making countless contributions in her own right.

Onc source has her receiving "a private school education" (Wilson, J. In his survey of catechetics from 1720-1950, Tynan found that it was "not the larger catechisms…but the small abridgments" that were the core of formation for the Irish people (Tynan, 1985, p. Of the three types/traditions of catechisms that spanned those centuries, it is probably the O'Reilly/Donlevy tradition that was followed in Sadlier's home County Cavan. What did the formation espoused in the catechisms of O'Reilly involve?

Formatted on a Jesuit approach, these booklets included the "four 'things', of the early Irish printings, which enable us to know, love and serve God, and so gain eternal life ?

Mary Anne Madden Sadlier (1820-1903): Irish-American author and publisher of over sixty works from 1839 to 1900.

Her writing career began in her native Ireland and her first book of poems was published when she was 18. In 1846 the couple and their six children moved to New York.

no small realities for all in the Sadlier Company to contend with in their writing/publishing careers. Protestant history in which she lived, itis important to note that Mary Anne Sadlier had grown up in a county bordering the Protestant North of Ireland, "suggesting the possibility that [her] distrust of everything Protestant could have originated in the hostility common between ethnic groups in border areas"(Sadlier? for the immigrants in a strange and frequently hostile atmosphere was to keep the immigrants in one Church amidst the welter of sects and schisms which American conditions had occasioned in Protestantism"? Whether Mary Anne Sadlier could point to a moment in time when God called herto serve as a catechetical leader with the vision of John Paul II described above, a moment when she specifically listened, accepted and committed herself, cannot be known with certainty.

But as her mission/purpose in writing is explained, it would seem that the words of the pope who would follow her in the next century could easily describe her own journey.

followed by the sundry extras conveniently tagged and numbered" (Tynan, 1985, p. But formal instruction was not the only element of his catechisms.

O'Reilly found ways to combine the devout live with doctrine. Sadlier's parents couldn't have guessed that by providing their daughter with schooling in French language and literature along with deep faith formation they were providing tools which she would later use to serve many a reader in the new world of America.


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