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In curl, this might look like: At this point, the resource on the server might validate the results, create the data records associated with the book and return a 201 response code indicating that a new resource has been created.The URL for the new resource can be discovered in the Location header of the response.

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What is returned could be XML, JSON or—more appropriately—a hypermedia format such as Atom or a custom MIME type.

The general guidance is to reuse existing formats where possible, but there is a growing tolerance for properly designed media types.

To request the resource, a client would issue a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) GET request to retrieve it.

This is what happens when you type a URL into a browser and hit return, select a bookmark, or click through an anchor reference link.

The client can cache a result locally, the server can cache a result remotely or some intermediate architectural element can cache a result in the middle.

This is an application-independent property that can be designed into our systems.This can be done using a curl command similar to the previous example: This ability to ask for information in different forms is possible because of the separation of the name of the resource from its form.Although the "R" in REST is "representation," not "resource," this should be kept in mind when building systems that allow clients to ask for information in the forms they want.The constraints detailed in this architectural style are not intended to be used everywhere, but they are widely applicable.Due to the Web’s prolific impact on consumer preferences, advocates of the REST style are encouraging organizations to apply the same principles within their boundaries as they do to external-facing customers with web pages.This helps to enable the caching of specific results.The combination of a server’s address and the state of the request combine to form a computational hash key into a result set: The GET request, which will be discussed later, allows a client to make very specific requests, but only when necessary.Possible URLs for our example library we might include are: These URLs mentioned above will probably be read-only as far as the library patrons are concerned, but applications used by librarians might actually manipulate these resources.For instance, to add a new book, we might imagine POSTing an XML representation to the main /book information space.Just because it is possible to manipulate a resource does not mean everyone will be able to do so.We can absolutely put a protection model in place that requires users to authenticate and prove that they are allowed to do something before we allow them to.


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