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vertebral anomalies causing scoliosis Other causes of scoliosis are occasionally seen, especially due to trauma, neurofibromatosis or associated with one of the neuromuscular disorders.

The radiographic assessment of the scoliosis patient begins with erect anteroposterior and lateral views of the entire spine (occiput to sacrum).

Most curves can be treated nonoperatively if they are detected before they become too severe.

However, 60 % of curvatures in rapidly growing prepubertal children will progress.

Currently, scoliosis is treated successfully by special braces, electrical stimulation, surgery, or by combinations of these three techniques.

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Generally, scoliosis is treated by orthopedic surgeons with special training in spinal problems.

The posterior ribs on the convex side are pushed posteriorly, causing the characteristic rib hump seen in thoracic scoliosis.

The anterior ribs on the concave side are pushed anteriorly.

typical distortion of vertebra and ribs in thoracic scoliosis as seen from below Scoliosis also causes pathologic changes in the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs, as shown below.

coronal view of a scoliotic spine: the vertebrae and intervertebral discs are decreased in height on the concave side Scoliosis has many causes, and a brief differential diagnosis is listed in the outline below: Idiopathic genetic scoliosis accounts for about 80 % of all cases of the disorder, and has a strong female predilection (7:1).


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