Role Of Media In Development Essay

Role Of Media In Development Essay-6
The conditions under which people accept or reject a message when they are aware of a range of alternatives are fundamental to this process, and are discussed in depth.

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As certain knowledges have been promoted over others, they have effectively been given the privileged status of being authoritative and, in some cases, truthful (Fairclough, 2003; Glasgow University Media Group, 1976, 1980, 1982; Herman & Chomsky, 1994; Van Dijk, 1998).

The media play a central role in informing the public about what happens in the world, particularly in those areas in which audiences do not possess direct knowledge or experience.

This article examines the impact the media has in the construction of public belief and attitudes and its relationship to social change.

We look at this both at the governmental level, in terms of change through policy action, and at the level of the individual, through commitments to behavioural change.

Through discussions of findings from a range of empirical studies, we illustrate the ways in which the media shape public debate and input into changes in the pattern of beliefs.


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