Right Vs Wrong Essay

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This more sophisticated argument is not discussed here.

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It explains why rational space aliens, if there are any, would be (non-human) persons.

It explains why divine or spiritual beings are or would be (non-human) persons.

Socrates asserted that all human actions were driven by self-interest.

He also argued that this instinct prevents people from intentionally harming themselves and that when people do harmful things, it is only out of ignorance; either not knowing what will benefit them the most, not knowing the correct method of attaining that benefit, or not knowing how not to do something which is harmful to them.

This view appears controversial because people are known to occasionally commit deeds that are apparently evil either out of self-interest or acting on impulse, against their best.

However, when we look at the logics behind human behaviours and motivation, the concept begins to make more sense.Fetuses have no awareness of their futures whatsoever, and this is one important difference between their futures and our futures.Fetuses, then, might not have a right to the pregnant woman’s body and so she doesn’t violate their rights by not allowing a fetus to use it.Killing human beings is often deeply wrong, so is abortion wrong? And w While this argument is influential in some circles, it is nevertheless dubious.You are likely over three feet tall now, but weren’t always. You have the right to make autonomous decisions about your own life, but didn’t always.So until fetuses can be removed from women and placed in new wombs, abortion may not violate the rights of fetuses and may be permissible.The philosophical issue of the moral status of abortion is complex.Socrates saw no conflict between self-interest and morality.On the contrary, he saw virtue as the greatest benefit and maintained that immoral actions actually harmed the agent and could therefore only be committed out of ignorance and misunderstanding of what the greatest benefit is.The aim of this essay is to demonstrate how it is possible that nobody does wrong knowingly.Right and wrong, good and bad are typically associated with human actions, and Socrates has successfully demonstrated that the motivation for every action is self-interest.


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