Rh Bill Research Paper

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Among families with one child, only 2.9 percent were poor compared with households that had nine or more children where 46.4 percent were impoverished.

The poor preferred smaller families, except that they were unable to achieve their preference. Leave no woman behind: Why we fought for Reproductive Health Bill.

Providing services for planning and spacing pregnancies was, thus, one way of alleviating the tax burden. PHILIPPINES: Religious Groups Weigh In on Reproductive Health Debate.

All told, the UP economists believed that RH and FP programs would offer a win-win solution. RH issue expected to reach 2013 polls as bishop insists on ‘Catholic vote.’ rh-issue-expected-to-reach-2013-polls-as-bishop-insists-on-catholic-vote.

Their inclusion in the National Drug Formulary will enable government to purchase contraceptives and not merely rely on unpredictable donations.

Employers shall respect the reproductive health rights of all their workers. Articles and any other material published in the JAFES represent the work of the author(s) and should not be construed to reflect the opinions of the Editors or the Publisher.

Dean Tony La Vina of the Ateneo School of Government has this to say about the Reproductive Health Law: “Among others, it is clear that abortifacient methods are prohibited, freedom of conscience is respected, and there is neither a mandate to reduce our population nor a preference for smaller families.” In his view, the RH Law’s most important provision is the guarantee by the State to provide “universal access to medically-safe, non-abortifacient, effective, legal, affordable, and quality reproductive health care services, methods, devices, supplies which do not prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum and relevant information and education thereon according to the priority needs of women, children and other underprivileged sectors.” The RH Law does not set demographic or population targets, and in fact, states that the mitigation, promotion and/or stabilization of the population growth rate is incidental to the advancement of reproductive health.

Further, each family has the right to determine its ideal family size.

Moreover, many unwanted pregnancies resulted in induced and unsafe abortions, numbering 560,000 annually as of 2008.

Almost 25 percent of less-educated teenagers began childbearing compared with only 3 percent of those who had attended college or higher.


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