Review Essay Disagreeing About The Climate

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If you personally have some doubts, remember for a moment that is what the author believes.

Now consider the great revelation of this book:“Climate change is not a problem, it is an opportunity to alter the way we arrive at and achieve our personal aspirations and our collective social goals.”There are two ways to interpret this statement.

Why We Disagree About Climate Change is an important contribution to the ongoing debate over climate change and its likely impact on our lives.

Why I Disagree about “Post-Normal” Science Is scientific method the only way we can understand the climate change issue?

A third option might be that studying the climate change issue can give us insight into how science works and how different people in society react to it. Perhaps the root of the problem can be seen in his discussion on the nature of scientific knowledge.

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He prefers to lift his ideas from modern philosophers rather than tell us about his personal experience as a working scientist, which does not make for productive reading.

But he also says that scientists should strive to eliminate bias and prejudice, the process and data must be open to public scrutiny, and uncertainty must be clearly communicated.

Maybe he simply cannot distinguish the boundary between science and politics.

He is setting up the demise of so-called Normal Science, defined as “skepticism, universalism, communalism, and disinterestedness.” I assume that “communalism” here means there is a single reality we observe in common, and “disinterestedness” is a clumsy word for objective (unless scientists really are a bunch of bored communists).

But now he tells us we are entering the brave new world of Post-Normal Science, where facts are uncertain, the stakes are high, and decisions urgent.


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