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Writing an appealing cover letter may persuade a potential employer to consider your resume when many are relegated to the circular file. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that retail positions are entry level jobs with only an average rate of growth, which means you may be competing against several other hopefuls when you apply for a retail sales associate job.

With my integrity, dedication, skills, and responsible nature I am confident I can be a valuable asset to your team.

A cover letter for a sales associate resume is the core of your whole job application package.

You have a different skill set from a teacher or construction worker and employers want to see that knowledge and experience showcased in your cover letter.

To get started, check out our free retail sales associate cover letter templates.

Start by reading through the job posting for your target position and note areas where the candidate requirements best match your own.

These are the points you will want to include in your new letter.

My strengths in customer service, inventory management, and merchandising have helped me earn consistent recommendations in previous positions.

I work hard to accomplish daily goals and satisfy customers, but also frequently go above and beyond the requirements of my job to make informed suggestions on ways the store can improve sales and maximize customer retention.

Brent: This letter and the attached resume is a strong expression of interest in the Sales Associate job at ABC Supermarket.

My diverse background in customer service and sales arena makes me a perfect match for your needs.


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