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Originally the RPP was designed for First-year College Composition students at the Community College level.

The RPP is introduced at the middle of the semester and culminates at the end of the term with the final draft of the research essay.

The Research Project Packet is a resource for both students and educators.

This “Educators Edition” includes notes for educators based on the combined experiences of both Indigo Eriksen, Assistant Professor of English at NVCC Woodbridge, and Melissa Crowder Rhoden, Adjunct Instructor of English at BRCC.

In order to assuage their feelings of panic I (Eriksen) have been experimenting with a variety of ways of introducing the assignment.

At this point the most successful tactic I’ve used is by separating students into groups of 3-4, handing them a printed version of the packet, and asking them to figure out what the packet is.

The RPP is a scaffolded assignment in that it breaks down the process of researching for and writing a research essay into smaller steps.

While the majority of students reflect that the RPP is a useful tool not only in their English class but also for use in future classes, when they first review the assignment they tend to feel overwhelmed.


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