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Mississippi's adult obesity rate is currently 37.3%, up from 23.7% in 2000 and from 15.0% in 1990.This state profile includes data on adult and childhood obesity, obesity-related health issues, and policy actions Mississippi is taking to prevent and reduce obesity.Wyoming girls had the lowest rate of obesity (6 percent), while Texas had the highest (20 percent).

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It is estimated that 41.8% of school-aged children and youth in Mississippi are overweight or obese.

The reasons for this are varied: household financial constraints that prohibit purchase of fresh fruit, vegetables, and proteins; lack of access to these items in rural areas; poor dietary habits; failure to take advantage of school breakfast and lunch programs; limited physical activity; and increased time in front of a television, tablet, or phone.

Thanks to a grant from the National Governors Association under the Healthy Kids, Healthy America Program, Mississippi conducted an extensive study and developed an action plan of implementable policies to curb the rate of obesity and diabetes in our children.

each school was required to establish a Local School Wellness Policy.

The next National Survey of Children’s Health will be done in 2011, Singh noted.

It’s impossible to predict what it will find, he added; “I think the best thing at this point that we can anticipate is a stabilization of the trend.Adults in the southeastern US-the so-called “Stroke Belt”-are known to be fatter and sicker than Americans living elsewhere.And at least in terms of overweight and obesity, the same pattern holds for kids, Dr. Singh of the US Health Resources and Services Administration in Rockville, Maryland, and his colleagues found.According to the most recent data, adult obesity rates now exceed 35% in seven states, 30% in 29 states and 25% in 48 states. Note: A change in methodology makes direct comparisons to data collected prior to 2011 difficult.Read the full rates and ranks methodology for more information.The percentage of children 10 to 17 years old across the US who were overweight rose from 31 percent in 2003 to 32 percent in 2004, while obesity rates went from 15 percent to 16 percent.But within states, there were much sharper differences, with the states that already had the biggest problems often showing the biggest jumps.MCOR is also the centerpiece of an aggressive, coordinated strategy to bring together researchers, health-care providers, state and local governments, business leaders and community groups to provide solutions to the obesity epidemic in Mississippi.Mission: The MCOR is dedicated to improving lives through discovery, innovation, education, improved patient care and prevention of obesity and related disorders.What’s more, the “epidemic” of child overweight and obesity was no longer limited to mostly southeastern states by 2007, but had spread to the Midwest-and even Alaska.The states with bigger childhood obesity problems were-no surprise-also the states where kids spent more time watching TV and less time being physically active.


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