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The seven already published volumes have become essential reference works for researchers and have influenced scholarship about King and the movements he inspired.

Building upon this research foundation, the Project also engages in other related educational activities.

Given the historical background of America concerning the racial discrimination directed at the black Americans, Dr. He was not new to the life of Black America discrimination since he grew up in the very segregated time in the American history.

King since his family was not a rich one but the parents could afford a car.

He begins with the prophetic comments about his fight for the cause, saying that the moment would “go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation” (‘I have a Dream’).

He addressed America as he spoke on the behalf of his men (the blacks) accusing the nation of not being able to mete out justice... Martin Luther King’s articulation of his marvelous militancy for the Negroes of America to be in brotherhood with the rest of the Americans whatever the color of their skin may be.

It is from this incident that the urge to rise and fight the culture of segregation in the American society was actually born in him.

Having developed the skills and prowess in public speaking, King was much inclined to influence the masses through the art of public speaking, through which he rid the society of the social ills and other forms of wrongdoings perpetrated through segregation.

Review some of the main ideas that he fought and died for. Instead of starting your essay on a piece of paper, why not begin something with your hands? King’s ideology, consider putting those ideas into action for a week. Explain the difficulties and benefits of reacting peacefully to people who don’t like you.

Which ideas have your life (or the lives of those you love) been touched by? King’s actions have helped you to be where you are today. King’s ideas to consider are: Another great way to get into your essay is by looking at the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Pick out a few events that were pivotal in the life of Dr. When all the other students in your class are turning in the same rehashed information and opinions, you can be sharing your real-life experiences of putting Dr.


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