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Pro-lifers believe once one is conceived, he or she are entitled to a right to live.

It does not matter whether or not the pro-lifers are able to prove that a fetus consists of personhood.

If society outlaws abortion, society is interfering with the woman’s right to make decisions related to her own body.

Many theorists believe that sexuality is what divides women from men and makes women less valuable than men; keeping this concept in mind it can be said that gender plays an immense role in social inequality....

It is “The induced termination of pregnancy, which is usually legal only before the fetus is viable.” There are two different types of abortion which are induced and spontaneous abortions.

Induced abortion is done surgically by an abortionist and spontaneous abortion is when the mothers body rejects the embryo in the womb.

Many people believe that when a woman terminates a pregnancy, she is committing murder and others argue that a woman has the right to choose life or abortion.

There are different procedures to choose when having an abortion, depending on the gestational age and the woman 's health a pill form abortion may be used up to 9 weeks gestation (mifepristone and misoprostol), but for women who are over 12-weeks gestation (late-term abortion), surgical abortion is used (Berer 25)....

Individuals in a society also are divided into two categories; 1) those who agree with the abortion and those who disagree with abortion....

[tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Childbirth, Fertility] - Abortions occur for all types of reasons, whether it is because the pregnancy was unplanned, rape-induced, or that it holds a life threatening capacity for the woman herself.


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