Research On Physical Properties Of Toilet Paper

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In certain types of packaging, paper must resist grease and oil penetration.The resistance of paper to the penetration of water can be increased by treatment of fibre with materials that lack affinity for water, with little effect upon sheet porosity, but the penetration of oil materials is little affected by such treatment.Sizing paper with vegetable materials and rosinlike substances has already been described.

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The term To determine basis weight, the sample is brought to equilibrium under standard conditions (24° C or 75° F; 50 percent relative humidity).

The paper specimens must consist of at least 10 sheets with a total area of not less than about 600 square centimetres (100 square inches).

Even at the same weight there is a considerable difference in stiffness, chiefly due to the compactness and the amount of bonding of the sheet.porosity.

Thus, the ability of fluids, both liquid and gaseous, to penetrate the structure is a property both highly significant to the use of paper and capable of being widely varied by the conditions of manufacture.

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The identification and expression of these differences depend upon the application of standard test methods, generally specified by industry and engineering associations in the papermaking countries of the world.basis weight, is a fundamental property of paper and paperboard products.

From the first uses of paper in the printing trades, it has been measured in reams, originally 480 sheets (20 quires) but now more commonly 500 sheets (long reams).


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